The Other Art Fair

Written by Kerry Mitchell, Junior Artworker at Now.

Going to art galleries and fairs is one of my favourite things do. It’s like you get a little glimpse into how someone else sees the world. So I thought I would share some of the art that caught my eye last weekend at the Other Art Fair in the Old Truman Brewery.

Over 100 emerging artists exhibited their work, which made for a really enjoyable eclectic mix of lots of art.

It was a complete magpie moment when I was drawn in by the shimmering gold animal illustrations by Andy Wilx.

Damilola Odusote ‘Canvas reveal series’ was fun and added another dimension to a canvas that was really unique.

In Dan Hillier ‘Nothing Matters’, I loved the bold colours of the flowers contrasting with the harsh sinister shadows of this one. All of his work is mesmerizing.

Daniele Davitti ‘Betrayed Expectation’, and all of his work in fact, is all hauntingly beautiful with a surreal twist.

From recently starting to commute into London, it does feel other worldy in ways, and what I really like is people’s pride of London and how a lot of the art and culture encapsulates this pride. Dex’s, ‘Literary Central London map’ is a prime example of this.

K-Tee’s ‘Ming Vase’. I really like when the context of an object is changed. The grenade that would automatically make you think evil, instead makes you think it looks really non threatening, and appealing.



I’m always a fan of portraits and here I really liked Kilmany, Jo Liversage mix of classic portraiture and street culture.

Lastly I really liked the chaotic black and white portrait illustrations by Nina Fini, especially with a splash of colour  that brings them to life.

I hope you liked my small snapshot of the pieces at the fair, if so, check out their websites to see more of their amazing works.