Just a normal night out with Simon

Written by Eddie Arthur, Account Manager at Now.

Monday is a day that sets the tone for the week; it can either kick it off nicely or it can make you miss the weekend that little bit more.

This Monday was a little different to your average; I was looking forward to the Music Industry Trust Awards as a guest of ITV (there is nothing better than a client thinking of you when it comes to who they would they take to such an event).



I have a bit of experience in award ceremonies – while working for Haymarket I worked on a publication that covered such events.

I worked with the venues to help them raise their profiles and this one, Grosvenor House, as you can see, never needed much help.



During the evening a lot of time was spent talking about the power of music, how it could change lives, and how it had transformed the life of one guy in particular, Ed Buckley.

Check out the film about Ed that brought tears to eyes – and Ed’s story

It made me think about the power music is having on brands, in particular Boohoo.com and Asda who have recently run ads using music to give them a new lease of life.

Anyway it was an awesome night. Here are a couple of shots with my friends…




P.S The best way to get an autograph… track them to the toilets.