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Women Making History

Women making history.

On Saturday, I was enormously proud to take part in officially the biggest women’s march in history. And even more thrillingly (for me), I did it with my 6-year old daughter. She’ll be telling her grandchildren about this momentous day (hopefully forgetting how freezing she was!) As my mum wryly commented on my Instagram post, we’re the 21st century suffragettes.

Around the world, over 3 million people marched to stand against Donald Trump, and his misogynist, racist, generally intolerant beliefs and behaviours. In London, 150,000 of us gathered outside the American Embassy, and made our way down Park Lane and the Mall to get to Trafalgar Square.

And what a friendly and supportive environment it was. There was music, cheering and laughing. There was absolutely no aggression, and I didn’t worry for one second about the safety of my daughter. There were brilliantly powerful and clever placards and banners, and we all swapped stickers and badges for diverse movements and charities with each other. I chatted to loads of charming, passionate women, from completely different walks of life, and they were all interesting and interested. I managed to find and spend some time with one colleague, Sam Vine, but failed to hook up with my business partner Kate, despite numerous attempts, because it was just so rammed. But we emotionally stood shoulder to shoulder.

Will it ‘work’? Who knows? For the time being, Trump is in the White House, and there’s very little we can do to change that right now. But history can surprise us. And I loved being a tiny part of history.

Written by Melissa Robertson, Chief Executive Officer at Now

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