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Monday Love

We like to start our weeks at Now with an overall update on how things are going, both in the agency and on each account. We call it ‘status.’ But to inspire a little more imagination than the name, each week a different person in the agency takes over at the beginning of status for 10 minutes. In this 10 minutes, anything can happen – literally.

This week, Katy stirred up some romance in advance of Valentine’s Day by reading us all a cryptic love story. Some of the lines in this love story were end-lines from well-known brands, but they were replaced with the brands name, so the agency had to rack our brains and shout out our answers. It got us thinking and it got us laughing. Look below to see if you can guess the end-line and complete the romantic tale …

It was their 52nd date and as he looked into her eyes across the table, he was absolutely sure it was right.

In the past, he’d always avoided commitment, to hold out and Sky.

But, here she was and she was perfect.

He cleared his throat. ‘Darling…   we’ve known each other a year now. And McDonald’s.

He ordered the bottle of wine second from the top. It was Stella Artois.

‘I’m not used to saying these things. But it’s only with you that I’m starting to appreciate Ikea.’

‘I love you. I’m myself around you. I don’t know why you’re even with me to be honest. Maybe it’s because you can see I’m Guinness.’

‘‘I do think that with me, you could Rightmove.’

‘..Will you? Will you marry me?’

She looked at him for a long time, but then she laughed.

‘Pumpkin, I can’t believe it’s taken you this long to ask. Of course I will. It’s only together that we can see Honda.’

‘And … let’s be honest, among other things.. It helps that you’re Accenture.’

Happy Ever After

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