How Do I Love Thee?

Today is Valentine’s Day, a day traditionally used to express romantic love. However, as years have passed, the meaning of this day has developed and changed in many innovative ways – think #GalentinesDay, for example.

This year, we think Valentine’s Day is a day for expressing a slightly different kind of love – a love of reading.

The National Literacy Trust supports children from some of the most deprived communities develop a love of reading from an early age, with the belief that literacy skills offer the best start in life possible.
In the UK, 1 in 7 children do not have a book of their own. In fact, thousands of children each year are leaving primary school without the literacy skills they need to succeed in life.

These facts are baffling. So, we decided to use the Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem, ‘How Do I Love Thee?’ alongside a few willing and eager volunteers, to create a video demonstrating the power of reading.
Reading captures the mind and the imagination; it challenges children to think in different ways, to develop their own opinions and feelings. Reading is an invaluable tool for a happy, fulfilled and successful life. Reading can, in short, transform a child’s future.

Help a child fall in love with reading this Valentine’s Day.



Account Director: Katie Creighton
Creative Team: Clint Harding & Juliet Kent
Editor: Louie Connaris