Challenge Yourself

Written by Abi Green, Junior Designer at Now.

Loss can be a powerful motivator.

Initially, it’s that feeling of looking over a high ledge and wondering what lies below. It’s an infinite abyss that you can’t help but look into, questioning everything that once tethered you to reality. But as with all chasms, there is always the other side, a slither of ground across from you in the distance where the grass still grows, and a new adventure awaits. That other side becomes a world of possibilities, of memorable moments and experiences – you just need to fight to get there.

It’s been five years since I first encountered loss. Rachael was my childhood friend, who battled cancer with a smile on her face and had nothing but kind words to say about everything and everyone. Her positivity and strength showed her lust for life, so although Loss is a powerful experience, Life is all-powerful. Celebrating life is more important than mourning death, and this year I have decided to celebrate what would have been Rachael’s 25th year by making 2017 a year of remembrance.

I am pushing myself across and beyond that void, summoning the courage to challenge myself with the adventures Rachael would have made me take. I am striving this year to hold various events, such as coffee mornings and BBQs, as well as take part in events such as Race for Life’s ‘Pretty Muddy’, all with the intent to raise funding for and awareness of Cancer Research.

I call it, ‘Twenty Five for Twenty Five.’ I want to raise as large a figure of twenty-five as possible, in memory of what would have been Rachael’s 25th birthday.

Closing a chapter on my personal loss, I am challenging myself to raise as much money for Cancer Research as I can. I want to help save those diagnosed with cancer, but I also want to help save others from experiencing the void that I looked into 5 years ago.

I am motivated to make my loss something that can help others.

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