Podcast – Campaign podcast is back for 2020

Podcast: Larissa Vince and Zaid Al-Zaidy talk about the challenges of creating more diverse companies and their personal experiences of discrimination.

“Diversity isn’t a problem to fix, it’s the solution” – those are the words splashed across the front cover of Campaign this month as we publish our special issue focused on black, Asian and minority-ethnic talent. But why is there still such a gap in BAME people being represented at the very top of advertising and media agencies?

Two ad agency chief executives, Now’s Larissa Vince and The Beyond Collective’s Zaid Al-Zaidy, share their personal stories about discrimination and what needs to happen to get more BAME talent rising to the top.

Plus, how about some more age diversity in adland? Three agency veterans have launched a start-up – is this a sign of things to come?

We also discuss the magic (or not) of Valentine’s Day marketing and the ads that caught their eye this week.

This week’s episode is hosted by Campaign‘s global technology editor, Omar Oakes, and produced by Ben Londesbrough.

Warning: some of the topics discussed are of an adult nature and listener discretion is advised.

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Podcast running order

3:23: Why is the industry moving too slowly to bring in more BAME senior leadership?

16:20: How are we going to change the representation of BAME people in the industry?

19:55: Accountability and bad behaviours

24:43: Three industry veterans launch a new agency, Ancient & Modern

33:20: Ofcom is to be given new powers to police social media. Is it the right move?

37:00: Valentine’s Day marketing: cringe is in the air

41:46: Ads of the week

Written by Omar Oaks on CampaignLive.co.uk

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