BT Means Business Digital Marketing Hub Dog Groomer image by Now, London Advertising agency

BT Business

Means Business - Digital Marketing Hub

BT is a national institution that’s been around since 1846. But with the launch of BT Means Business we enter a bold new era for the tech brand, one where they focus solely on businesses.

Our strategy was simple. Hero the people who run businesses, especially small businesses. And because we believe in business, we used real business owners in our ads. We focus on two chefs grilling burgers, decorators doing up a house and a dog groomer pampering her pooches. We captured them doing what they do best and then paired it with a song that showcased how they felt about what they do.

BT will find you more with the help of the digital marketing hub, a service that lets small businesses design, post and measure their online ad campaigns. This integrated campaign was kicked off during the Champions League final and can be seen in print, ooh, radio, social and tv.