Petplan Insurance Brand advert still image of Jack and Albie

Petplan insurance

The Wait

Following the surge of post-pandemic pet ownership, and with a slew of new competitors entering the market, Petplan needed to drive awareness and firmly establish itself as the UK’s number one pet insurance provider. Furthermore, it needed to highlight the brand’s understanding of what it truly means to be a pet owner.

The hero film tells the story of Jack, a man anxiously awaiting news of an unseen loved one, who can’t focus on anything else, no matter where he is or what he does. Only in the final moments do we discover the loved one in question was his Irish Terrier, Lilley, who had been undergoing leg surgery at the vets after an overnight stay. 

Understanding the strength of bond between pets and their owners, and the role pet insurance plays for both of them, was key to unlocking and crafting an idea that emotionally resonates with all pet owners.
The campaign, which will span Brand TV, Social, Online, Direct Response and Outdoor, was directed by Molly Burdett (shortlisted for Campaign’s ‘Rising to the top’ Inspiring Women award) and Spindle Productions, with photography from Dan Ross.

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