Alfie the Hummingbird_TopCashBack_


A uniquely crafted campaign for the UK's number 1 cashback site

TopCashback is a website designed to save people money. To earn a little cashback on purchases they make whilst internet shopping. A godsend to those who love saving and are savvy. The main aim of the campaign is to remind people to use TopCashback before the moment of purchase. To make sure they remembered we created a loveable little character called Alfie, Alfie the Hhhmmingbird, whose main mission in life is to remind people to use TopCashback. Alfie can’t speak but he has other ways of getting his point across, and he won’t be leaving until he does.


Making the advert in stop motion helps it stand out in the normality of an ad break and helped elevate it with craft and details in design and movement. Combining all this will really help people remember if you’re shopping online, hmmm you should use TopCashback.