Warner Leisure Hotels

Kid-free break

A totally surreal 60-second TV spot, directed by Chris Boyle at Private Island, depicts a parallel universe where kids have taken over a Warner hotel. The children aren’t having much fun, because Warner breaks are designed for adults to enjoy.

The tongue-in-cheek ad, which employs Hollywood movie tropes, takes viewers on an emotional journey, going from quiet to full-on kid-powered-craziness and back again. The children are glued to their tablet in the bedroom, singing karaoke in the spa and munching on popcorn in the cinema. The mania intensifies as the children multiply and glitch, before they finally disappear, and calm is restored. The kids aren’t really there, because Warner Hotels are designed for adults.

The spot also showcases Warner Hotels’ properties, with shots of the beautiful grounds, luxurious rooms, spa, bar and restaurant, revealing how they offer all the ingredients needed for a premium and special escape for adults.