Business without borders

When it comes to business on an international scale, there are a lot of things that can get in the way. Be it the high cost of doing business in a foreign country or the need to depend on multiple different partners to make something happen. It can end up stumping your growth, as well as being just plain frustrating. 

Thankfully there’s a better way to manage international payments: Airwallex. They exist to remove the pain of barriers, leaving you free to do business like a local – everywhere. One partner. 160 local payment methods.

In their first EMEA campaign, launching around London Tech Week and Money 2020, Airwallex dominated outdoor in London and Amsterdam, highlighting just how painful it is running into barriers or being slowed down, by using the medium of Full. Stops. In comparison to the ease of using Airwallex borderless business.

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Digital Out Of Home

Airwallex DOOH advert by Now Advertising
Airwallex DOOH advert by Now Advertising.