An 8-year relationship with Britain’s leading business brand.

Over the last 8 years, NOW has been BT’s lead strategic and creative agency for their Enterprise division. We have created emotional affinity to this tech giant with our positioning idea: Business is all about Relationships. And happily, BT itself is one of the agency’s longest standing relationships.

‘The relationships that change our careers’

There are certain relationships in your career that are pivotal. We’ve all had a mentor or boss who’s made the difference. We found BT customers who’d had just such a relationship, and got them to give them a surprise call – just to say ‘thank you’. The films are a real document of that call. Proving that you can build a brand online. And you can sell hard when you speak softly.


Part of BT’s ‘Be There’ campaign, this film brought the importance of human connections to life, with this charming metaphor. It was a sister film to BT’s consumer campaign.

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