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Women’s Equality Party

2017 General Election

When we started working with the Women’s Equality Party in early 2017, little did we know that we would be faced with a General Election so soon.
And so, straight off the back of the Liverpool Mayoral elections, the Women’s Equality Party started working with us on a fast and furious election campaign. Getting briefed in the morning and turning around work for the end of the day. We loved it.

2017 General Election

Do you have to have hairy armpits to vote for equality?
No. Literally anyone can.
The Women’s Equality Party asked Siobhan Sharpe of communications agency Perfect Curve, and the BBC’s W1A fame, for her views on women, politics and equality ahead of the 2017 General Election.

Liverpool Metro Mayor

On May 4th 2017, Liverpool voted for their first city mayor.
In advance of the election, our billboards for The Women’s Equality Party candidate, Tabitha Morton, turned heads and started conversations across the UK.
Our billboards state hard facts about gender inequality; facts that many would wish to ignore. But they also have a powerful visual impact – just take a look for yourself.
Bravery like this gets people talking about gender inequality, and therefore talking about the importance of gender equality.
Which is exactly what we wanted.