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Hello Now

Creatives at Now, Suzi & Joe have taken the initiative to start something for our agency: a quarterly in-house magazine called Hello Now – a name which came about after hearing our front of house, Ruby, answering the phone around 4000 times a day.

​The Spring 2017 edition features a cover inspired by the amazing work of @lakwena, a sunflower growing competition, an insert with agency drawings of our Chairman, John Townshend, horoscopes, and an episode of ‘Office Cribs’ which can be accessed via QR code.

We’re really very modern.

It’s been hard work, but with the help of a few volunteers in the agency, Suzi and Joe have managed to create something brilliantly unique and f$!king hilarious for our agency. Hello Now is a solid piece of journalism.

To see more work by Suzi and Joe, head to their website:

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