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Thank You Trump

Friday 13th July. The day Trump was coming to town.

Marches were planned across the country. Everyone had something to say. And what do you do when you want that thing to be heard? You get creative.

Hundreds of thousands of people armoured themselves with witty slogans, snappy hashtags and hand-drawn placards and prepared to protest Trump’s arrival on UK soil. It was a collective feat of creativity.

We knew this would happen. Which is why the stakes were high for our Trump brief from the Women’s Equality Party: our message would need to stand out against…um…hundreds of thousands of outraged and inventive Brits.

So, we did something we were sure no-one else would do.

We did the opposite of what was expected from the Women’s Equality Party.

We thanked Trump.


Because we had a powerful insight: Trump’s hateful attitude makes women stronger, not weaker. Against the odds, his misogyny has furthered feminism, not stalled it. His bile brings us together.

Trump hates being wrong. He would hate to think that all this time he has been inadvertently fuelling an unstoppable movement of female strength.

So, we told him. We thanked him for making women stronger.

With playful irony that stood out from the hate and anger, we created a giant ‘Thank You’ card. It was signed by hundreds and paraded through the marches, before being delivered to his residence in Scotland. We got 20 celebrities to say a very unexpected ‘Thank You’ to Trump in a film. We had placards and posters. And people all over the UK took to Trump’s preferred channel of communication, Twitter, to shower his handle with digital ‘Thank You’ cards.

‘Thank You Trump’ was so prominent a message on Friday 13th that one US-based Twitter user even combined our message with the iconic baby blimp in an animation.

Full results to come, but on just one day over 15,000 people helped The Women’s Equality Party thank Trump on Twitter alone.

And so, we really do mean it. Thank You Trump, for uniting us and being such an effective feminist recruiter.

By Amelia Wood, Senior Strategist at Now.

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