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From Wardour Street to Berners Street

This week, Now made the move from Wardour Street to Berners Street.

To be perfectly honest, our move is only across the road. So why go to the effort of writing an entire blog post about it? Please, read on.

Now have spent 4 years on Wardour Street as a dynamic, buzzing hub of creativity bouncing around in a little box.

I joined Now 8 months (ish) ago, a graduate fresh out of university and hungry for London life. Walking into that old Soho office, I felt excited. I don’t remember who I first met, or what I first did, however I remember that I thought the atmosphere in that office was electric. I knew that I had just joined a group of people who wanted to

It is because of this quality that I wasn’t a newbie at Now for long. In just 8 months, I have seen our company swell with projects, clients and – most importantly – people.

However, more people does not automatically equal more space. If only a building could have a kind of magic whereby walls could expand little by little, bit by bit, until entire streets eventually close up. I imagine if this was possible, we would have stayed on Wardour Street for years to come – if only for the pubs.

Instead, while Now progressed and took on greater business challenges in our Soho office, a few people had the more personal daily challenge of finding a desk. Alas, goodbye, Wardour Street.

Today the unoccupied space in our shiny new office on Berners Street seems strange, but I can already see the potential. The move makes me feel slightly proud of our agency, so I can’t even begin to imagine how people who have been part of Now for longer – hell, people who have been part of Now from the beginning – must feel.

So, why go to the effort of writing an entire blog post about our move?

Because this move is symbolic.

As we begin to fidget around and fill this new space, our growth in size becomes yet another marker of progress for our agency. And progress can mean nothing other than further success, which, to a group of people who want to succeed, is a pretty great thing.

Written by Sarah Maclean, Account Executive at Now

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