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Learn. Listen

When I found out that we were going to be working with the Women’s Equality Party, my first thought was, ‘FANTASTIC’. What a great cause to dedicate my time to and still call ‘work’.

I thought I was fairly in-the-know about gender equality: I may not be able to list off stats about it, but I see inequality happening around me, and it gets to me. I remember when I was thirteen, a friend called me a feminist as if it were a dirty word – it made me think, ‘so what?’

A little way into our research process for WEP, I realised I didn’t really have a clue. Half a year later and I still feel that way; as part of our work we try to keep up to date with the latest news on gender equality, and every week I’m both surprised and appalled at what I’m reading.

The point is, you think you know about something, but if you take a closer look you may find out you don’t. This is absolutely fine.

As an agency, we’re never going to know as much about gender equality as WEP do, but we accept that, and we are open to learning from them. Starting from a point of, ‘Learn. Listen,’ means we can unashamedly admit that we’re not going to be experts in our clients’ field, but damn we’re going to be paying close, unhindered attention whenever they say something.

For more information on gender equality, The World Economic Forum does an annual gender gap report which is interesting and full of stats. Here’s the link to the 2016 one.

Written by Emma Barry, Junior Planner at Now

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