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Every pet deserves Petplan. Why? Because Petplan are there for pets not only when they need help the most, but throughout their life. We found a veterinary surgery the perfect place to capture some wonderful moments between pets and their owners – and you can look out for their stories across TV, DRTV, and social channels.

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Long form film – Boris

Animal Rescue Live: Supervet Special Idents

In our latest set of idents for Petplan, we have documented a day in the life of the dogs, cats, rabbits, and staff at NAWT Watford rehoming centre.
Anticipation, laughter, excitement, tears and joy – it’s all part of the rehoming journey.
We have used real stories to bring this to life. This meant finding real owners, and real pets – a real risk, as we didn’t know what the outcome would be. But take a look below, and you’ll see that our determination to be authentic has resulted in some truly emotional idents.
You might want to grab some tissues.







We won’t lie, pets in costumes are damn cute. But in a world where anybody can dress a cat in a cape (just take a look on Instagram), how could we truly hero pets in our set of idents for Petplan, sponsors of Pets on 4?
Bold, hand-drawn animation has been used to fashion each individual pet with an equally individual costume, bringing their vibrant alter-egos to brilliant life on the small screen.
So, masks on, capes billowing in the wind; Petplan’s Superpets are ready to conquer the world.
But they’re also ready to watch The Supervet on Channel 4.


Apparently, you should never work with animals.
Well, we didn’t get that memo.
In our new campaign for Petplan pet insurance, we’ve worked with dachshunds, tabby cats, golden retrievers, ginger cats – you name them, we’ve filmed with them.
Because we know that pets are weird: they get muddy, wriggle in between our sheets, and destroy our newspapers.
But they also make us stupidly happy.
So, we believe that in return, pet owners have a job to do: to make sure that pets are safe and healthy, by getting them the best pet insurance possible.
Every Pet Deserves Petplan.